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5 Reasons to start investing on Lendermarket today (Limited Time Gifts!)

Lendermarket turns four years old – and we want to celebrate with you! 

In this article, we’ll touch a bit on the history of Lendermarket and also show you why now is the best time to invest into P2P loans on the platform. For you, there are also big gifts waiting if you make a deposit by June 12th, more on that in a bit.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

A Summary of Lendermarket’s History

Lendermarket was initially set up in 2019 by the loan originator Creditstar to fund their growth. In the beginning, there were only loans from the various Creditstar companies on Lendermarket. By December 2020, the total cumulative investments sat at around 60 m EUR, with an active investor base of 2000 people. Come December 2021, the total loan volume rose to 180 m EUR and there were nearly 4000 active investors. All with one loan originator.

Lendermarket’s growth was relentless, driven by the company’s ambition to provide investors with an even more diversified portfolio. This led Lendermarket to embark on a new phase, opening its doors to welcome new loan originators to the platform. In May 2022, a significant announcement was made regarding the onboarding of a new loan originator called Credory. This marked the transformation of Lendermarket into a multi-lending P2P platform.

The expansion of Lendermarket did not stop there. By October 2022, the cumulative interest paid to investors had exceeded 7 million euros. In the same month, the Nigerian loan originator QuickCheck joined the platform, followed by the Peruvian loan originator CrediFace in January 2023. The most recent addition came in May 2023, when the fifth loan originator, Dineo, was onboarded.

Where Lendermarket stands today:

  • 5 loan originators from 3 continents with loans from 9 countries
  • 12 000 investors
  • An average annual return of 15.26%
  • Loans with up to 18% of annual return
  • Buyback guarantee on all loans offered on Lendermarket
  • Auto Invest feature for hands-off investing

1. Lendermarket Bonus Campaign – Limited Time Only

To celebrate the fourth birthday of Lendermarket, we have prepared a four-tiered bonus campaign for you. The bonus you get is based on the amount you deposit & invest into loans on Lendermarket and is structured as follows:

  • 500 – 999 EUR = 8 EUR bonus
  • 1000 – 2999 EUR = 20 EUR bonus
  • 3000 – 4999 EUR = 65 EUR bonus
  • 5000 or more = 150 EUR bonus

There is a fixed timeline for this, though:

  • Deposit and invest by June 12th, 2023
  • Keep the funds invested until September 15th, 2023
  • Make sure not to withdraw until September 15th, 2023

So better be fast to make sure you qualify for the bonus! (T&Cs apply, learn more)

2. High Returns of Up to 18%

Lendermarket offers one of the greatest returns available on the P2P market. In fact, the average annual return currently on Lendermarket is 15.26%. There are even loans with up to 18% return rates available to be invested in on the platform.

This even beats the high inflation (for most countries) and it’s possible to achieve these returns without much doing from your side – more on our Auto Invest in a bit. 

So if you’re looking for a way to put your money to work and create an additional income stream, then P2P loans with up to 18% returns might be a way for you.

3. Referrals

In addition to high returns and our current bonus campaign, there is always a referral system going on. If a friend invests via your link, then the both of you get an additional reward. It works like this:

  1. You share your invite link with your friend;
  2. They start investing into the platform;
  3. All investments they made in the first 30 days, will earn a 1% bonus for you and your friend.

So if they invest 10,000 EUR on Lendermarket in their first 30 days, you will both get a bonus of 100 EUR credited to your account. This can be combined with the birthday promotion.

4. More Diversification

If you start investing on Lendermarket, you’re not just stuck with one loan originator (LO) issuing consumer loans from one country. Instead, you have a wide variety of LOs, different loan types and countries they were issued in to choose from.

Lendermarket recently welcomed the 5th loan originator – Dineo from Spain. This is another step to building a more diversified loan pool for investors.

Here’s how you can diversify your investment on Lendermarket:

  • Pick loans from 5 different loan originators
  • Invest into loans from 9 different countries and 3 continents
  • 3 loan types available: Consumer loans, business loans, real estate-backed loans

Furthermore, you can invest into each single loan with just 10 EUR, which enables you to spread your funds over a diverse set of loans.

5. Investing via Autoinvest

If you want to achieve a high diversification, invest 10 EUR per loan and have 10,000 EUR to invest, it can appear tedious. Don’t fret! The Lendermarket auto-invest feature allows you to invest on autopilot.

You can define parameters on how your money should be invested (investment per loan, what loan originators, min. and max. return rates etc.) and the AI will automatically find suitable loans and put your money to work. There’s also an option to toggle on reinvesting to get compound interest if you prefer to do so. 

This makes investing on Lendermarket a breeze, and requires no ongoing time investment from your side.


Lendermarket offers an interesting way to invest your money, by earning up to 18% all on autopilot. And as if that isn’t enough, the current birthday campaign and the referral system allow you to boost your returns even more.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on Lendermarket now and cash in on the birthday bonus!

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