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10th May, 2024

Streamlined Auto Invest set-up

Investors can now create a new Auto Invest portfolio in just 2 clicks. When setting up a new Auto Invest portfolio, investors will find default values already filled in. They can either confirm the Auto Invest with these pre-filled values or make adjustments as needed. 

The change was implemented to simplify the Auto Invest set-up for investors.

10th May, 2024

Pending Payments interest calculation timing change 

Pending Payments interest calculation changed from daily to monthly. 

Previously, Pending Payments interest was calculated daily, resulting in a daily increase in your Pending Payments value. Now, rather than observing daily increments, you will witness the increase once per month. 

For example, instead of experiencing a daily increase of 1 EUR, you’ll see a cumulative increase of 30 EUR at the month’s end. To see Pending Payments details, navigate to the Pending Payments account statement.

This change does not affect your earned interest from Pending Payments. 

The change was implemented in order to fix calculation errors that required balance adjustments and to simplify tracking of interest earned from Pending Payments for investors.

10th May, 2024

Clarification: Invested Funds migration from Lendermarket 1.0 to Lendermarket 2.0

“Invested Funds” in Lendermarket 1.0 will remain in Lendermarket 1.0 until the loan/s reaches the end date.

Once loan/s end date is reached, your funds may enter the “Pending Payments” stage before it is released to the “Available Balance”. That amount is shown in the “Pending Payments” section of the Lendermarket 1.0 Summary. 

Your “Available balance” from Lendermarket 1.0 will be transferred to Lendermarket 2.0 on a daily basis. 

Note: Funds migration from Lendermarket 1.0 to Lendermarket 2.0 is an ongoing process which is facilitated by Lendermarket and does not require any actions from Investors. 

10th May, 2024

Clarification: Monitor Pending Transfers

Your Available Balance from Lendermarket 1.0 is transferred to Lendermarket 2.0 daily.

To see the Available Balance amount to be transferred: 

  1. Click on Lendermarket 1.0 in the investor dashboard
  2. Look at “Pending transfers” in the Summary section

This amount is queued for transfer from Lendermarket 1.0 to Lendermarket 2.0. 

No action needs to be taken by the investor for this transfer to take place.

10th May, 2024

Clarification: Navigating to Lendermarket 1.0

Navigate to the Lendermarket 1.0 dashboard using the investor settings menu. 

Access Lendermarket 1.0 for:

  • Information about investments made on the Lendermarket 1.0 platform;
  • Tax reports;
  • Account statements.