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Investor Q & A with Lendermarket – September 2021

In this post we have compiled the answers to the questions we have received from our investors via email and Social Media in the past month.

What does skin in the game mean?

The term “skin in the game” refers to the Loan Originator(s) of the principal maintaining a stake when outside investors are solicited to invest. This is to ensure the interests of the Loan Originator are aligned with the interests of the investor, as both sides have a stake in the investment. All loan originators that place loans at Lendermarket are required to keep a certain percentage of each loan to align the interests of investors and loan originators. At Lendermarket, “”skin in the game”” for loan originators is 5%, then 95% will be available for investors to invest in.

Is there a way to verify my account without using software? Just by sending a photo of documents?

The only way to verify your identity is through Veriff to comply with our security standards. We recommend you to use Google Chrome as it’s more optimized, and if it would be necessary, you could do it through your mobile phone.

Is there an obligation for Lendermarket investors to pay a withholding tax for the income generated on the platform to  Ireland or to the country where the borrowers live?

If you invest in Lendermarket, a company registered in Ireland, you don’t have to declare taxes in Ireland. You should declare the profit received from this platform in your tax residence country.

We also confirm that we don’t send tax reports to authorities. Besides, all repayments will be paid from Lendermarket to the lender bank account without any deduction or withholding for or on account of any tax.

How can I get a loan from Lendermarket?

Lendermarket does not facilitate lending activities on its own. All loans on the platform are already issued by loan originators.

Why did you choose Ireland for Lendermarket?

Ireland met the regulative criteria that the business development team established while working through various countries. And additionally, what was very important to us, an English-speaking environment. As our working language is English within the company, then we preferred to establish the business in the country, where we’ll be able to interact with the regulator directly in English. Therefore, ultimately the choice of establishing the business in Ireland came down to multiple deciding criteria.

And that’s it for this month! We hope we’ve answered all your questions. If you have other questions, you can find the answers on our FAQ page or contact our Customer Service.

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