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Why Lendermarket?

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I was wondering, where does my money go when investing in Lendermarket?
To fund issued loans by professional lending companies.
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What happens when loan repayments are overdue?
You still continue to earn interest and the Buyback Guarantee protects your investments.
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Buyback Guarantee protects your investments

Buyback Guarantee protects your investments

All loans offered for investment at Lendermarket come with a Buyback Guarantee. Loans default rate on Lendermarket is 0% to date. Learn more.

Higher than average returns

Higher than average returns

Historically, investment opportunities at Lendermarket have generated higher returns than other traditional asset classes.

Auto Invest

Auto Invest

Watch your money grow while you sit back and enjoy the show. Auto Invest prevents cash drag, saves time and diversifies your portfolio automatically.

Average Annual Return

Put your money to work

Annual investment returns delivered since May 2019. Higher than traditional asset classes. You continue to earn interest while the invested loan is overdue.


Trustable and reliable, use them as a medium-long term investment 5 Stars Review

I’m investing with them for more than 3 years. Quick deposits and withdrawals, nice interest rates (depending on the season) and no headaches at all.

The only thing to have in mind is that loans can be extended up to 6 months, and 2 months more of buyback guarantee (creditstar originators are using this benefit “too much” currently). Anyway, if you don’t mind having the money blocked more than expected, they meet the expectations, with principal amount, interest and delayed interest being always paid.

Use this platform to hold the money you don’t need in the short term. It pays off.

Gerard M., Lendermarket investors

One of the great P2P platforms in EU 5 Stars Review

I have been investing with Lendermarket since 2021 and so far so good. The platform is backed with an international finance group (Creditstar) which has been operating in the lending industry since 2006.

Moreover, lendermarket is duly audited every year by an international auditor : Grant Thornton.

One of the strenght of lendermarket is to propose to invest in loans coming from various EU countries : Denmark, Sweden, Finland…

I have made several withdrawals tests during the last months and they have all perfectly worked.

In conclusion, I would say that the team is very professional and reactive.

Silvere C., Lendermarket investors

Great platform! 5 Stars Review

Lendermarket is one of my best performing platforms. I started investing in 2020 and have never had a reason to complain. Great ROI and loan supply.

For anyone worried about overdue investments, the buyback guarantee does what it promises and even when loans are overdue they will keep generating income (let’s say half of my portfolio income comes from overdue loans).

Luke H., Lendermarket investors