Flash March Cashback

Flash March Cashback

We are excited to present a flash cashback offer for our community. Earn up to 3% cashback whether you are one of our existing or new investors. 

Depositing Period

21st of March 2023 – 27th of March 2023.

Lending Period

21st of March 2023 – 27th of May 2023.

How to participate in the campaign? 

To participate, you must deposit and invest at least €500 before the 27th of March in long-term loans issued exclusively by Creditstar Group. Remember that if you make any withdrawals during the campaign period (March 21st of March 2023 until 27th of May 2023), your account will not be eligible to receive the bonus. 

How is the bonus calculated?

The Cashback bonus is calculated based on the maturity levels of the Participations acquired:

  • Loans with maturity between 180 days to 389 days – 2% (two point zero percent);
  • Loans with a maturity of 390 days and longer – 3% (three point zero percent).

When will I receive my bonus?

The cashback will be transferred to your Investor’s Account by 7th of June, 2023.

Customer support

For more information read the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions about how to participate or in connection with the Campaign, please email us at [email protected].