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Upgraded Lendermarket Platform: A Comprehensive Overview

The Lendermarket team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our upgraded platform, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Set to debut in April 2024, this upgrade signifies a holistic transformation of our infrastructure, greatly enhancing our capabilities to foster further growth. In this blog post, we’ll explore what awaits you with this platform upgrade and how best to prepare for the transition.

What to Expect from the Upgraded Platform?

Let’s begin by understanding the primary goal behind the launch of the upgraded platform (further: Lendermarket 2.0). The Lendermarket 2.0 platform is not merely a fresh design; it’s a complete upgrade of our infrastructure, designed to bolster our capacity for expansion. Our focus is on catering to the evolving needs of our growing investor community, delivering a more robust and feature-rich investment platform in the future.

Lendermarket 1.0 and Lendermarket 2.0

The currently available Lendermarket platform (further: Lendermarket 1.0) will remain accessible for investors until after the migration is complete, all posted loans have reached their final maturity date, and all data requirements have been completed.

Lendermarket 1.0

Lendermarket 1.0 will remain to serve as a hub for investors seeking detailed information on investments made prior to the arrival of the upgraded platform. Investors can access Lendermarket 1.0 to obtain information regarding investments initiated prior to the Lendermarket 2.0 launch, including tax reports, investments details, and account statements.

Lendermarket 2.0

The upgraded platform is set to become the go-to destination for new investment opportunities. Here, investors can engage in their usual investment routines, including depositing funds, automating investments and reviewing account details. Investors can review investment details as well as download reports for investments made after the Lendermarket 2.0 launch in the upgraded platform. All of your available balance from Lendermarket 1.0 will be automatically transferred to Lendermarket 2.0 on a daily basis. Please note that certain functionalities, such as “refer your friends”, will become available on the upgraded platform once the investor migration process is complete.

Investors’ Migration To The Platform 2

The migration of investors to the Lendermarket 2.0 will commence after the launch and will be conducted gradually throughout April. Once your account has been migrated, you’ll have access to both Lendermarket 1.0 and Lendermarket 2.0. To access the upgraded platform, you’ll see a banner prompting you to redirect once you log in to your account.

Auto Invest

Rest assured that your Auto Invest portfolios will be automatically migrated to Lendermarket 2.0.

Let us remind you that you can activate your auto-invest feature, essentially creating your self-driving money machine. Watch your investments grow while you sit back and enjoy the show. Auto Invest eliminates cash drag, saves time, and automatically diversifies your portfolio, all while giving you complete control over your investment strategy. 

Activate it now and be assured that your available balance is reinvested on Lendermarket 2.0 as soon as funds reach your available balance.

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