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Review of the Invest in Stuttgart 2022

A fortnight ago, part of the Lendermarket team was at the Invest in Stuttgart, Germany’s biggest exhibition around all things investing. In this article, we want to give a small review on how the Invest was like for Lendermarket and how you can experience it, even if you weren’t there.

Meeting you – our investors

Lendermarket’s investors come from all over the world, and most of them we only know by the name they put into the system. So going to Germany, where a big part of our investors come from, was our opportunity to finally meet some of you face to face. 

When you’re working on Lendermarket, you know that you’re building something for people to benefit from. But maybe you have an office job yourself, then you know it’s not always easy to see the actual impact you’re having on every single person.

The Invest allowed us to put a face to the name, chat with many of you about your experience with Lendermarket, investing in general and connect on a personal level. This reinforced our belief that we’re on the right track with Lendermarket. We also got valuable feedback from the people we talked to, about different features they would like to see.

Engaging with bloggers and influencers

There are many P2P platforms out there, so engaging with people that know about all the versatility of this industry is very valuable. Just like the feedback from our investors, the conversations we had here opened up new opportunities and provided fantastic insight.

For you to get value out of these conversations as well, we asked people a set of questions about investing and advice they would give. It’s a bite-sized video straight from the Invest – so give it a watch!

“Invest” 2022 conference investing specialists answer Lendermarket investors’ questions

Spread the word about Lendermarket

There was not only one, not two, but three interviews we gave on the Invest. Two were given by a member of the marketing team, Max, in German, and one was by Endrik, our Head of Lendermarket, in English. 

In the radio and video interviews Max gave, he talked a bit about Lendermarket, why P2P platforms are attractive to both investors and loan originators, and how P2P lending can fit into the bigger picture of portfolio management, thanks to the fixed income it provides.

Endrik, on the other hand, was on a podcast with P2P cafe, talking about the future of Lendermarket, how due diligence is ensured with other loan originators and what features are currently being worked on. P2P cafe regularly shares valuable information with german-speaking investors in their blog, you can check the newest information here. Small hint about the interview: It starts with “s” and ends with “market”.

P2P cafe podcast with Lendermarket CEO Endrik Eller

Closing thoughts

Finally, it was also nice to come together as a team and meet one another. We’re an international company, working from offices all over Europe, so we don’t always see each other every day. That weekend was a welcome difference.
If you were on the Invest yourself, we hope you had a lovely time!

The Lendermarket team wishes you a nice week!

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