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Podcasts, books and movies recommendation for P2P investors for 2023

Information is key, that’s why in this article we’ll share podcasts, books and movies that we recommend P2P investors to look into. That way you can stay up to date with the latest developments in the markets, get a better understanding about all things P2P and economics in general.

We’ve also added recommendations from the team members at Lendermarket and our partners. So get yourself ready to start the year off well by using all that valuable information to guide your financial decisions. Let’s go!

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Of course, when we make such a list, books and other readable media has to be #1. Videos and podcasts are becoming more prominent, but a lot of important information on the internet and in general is still conveyed via text.

Invest in P2P Lending by Lars Wrobbel & Kolja Barghoorn
Let’s start this list with a banger, recommended by Laura, our marketing manager. Lars Wrobbel is a well-known person in the P2P space, and his book “Invest in P2P Lending” teaches you everything you need to know about this asset. It’s available in English, German, and also Spanish and a must-read for everyone interested in learning more about P2P lending.

Market Outlook 2023
If you intend to invest, it’s good to know what’s going on in the world, and what leading financial institutions think about coming developments. Our Head of Marketing Melita prepared a list of market outlooks for 2023 from renown companies, such as Goldman Sachs and UBS:

The Macro Compass
The Macro Compass is a newsletter written by the former head of a 20 billion dollar investment portfolio. It gives you insights into macroeconomics, furthers your financial education and provides actionable investment ideas. The recommendation came from one of our partners.

Rente mit 40 by Florian Wagner
This book is unfortunately only available in German, but a good read for everyone that can read German. Florian describes how frugalism will be his way of attaining financial independence by the age of 40, what frugalism means for him, and that it’s more than just radically reducing your spending.

Mastering the market cycle by Howard Marks
Howard Marks, not to be confused with Mr Nice, is an American investor and co-founder of the investment firm Oaktree Capital Management. In his book “Mastering the market cycle” he explains the basics about economics, and how market cycles work.

Podcasts for 2023

Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn something new and stay up to date. You can easily listen to them on your smartphone or pc, and it’s nothing you need to actively consume for the most part, opposed to reading books. Just put on a podcast while working out, going for a walk or even cooking.

P2P Cafe
Recommended by Laura, in this podcast Lars Wrobbel and Thomas Butz (author behind talk about their investments into P2P loans but also think outside the box and touch on other asset classes such as crypto lending, ETFs and shares. The podcast is currently only available in German.

Northern Finance
Northern Finance has a prominent podcast in German, where every Friday at 4pm a new episode about P2P lending comes out. There’s also an English version called “Let’s talk P2P by Northern Finance”, and while the information is still valuable, the last episode aired February 24th 2021.

The Dave Ramsey Show
Dave Ramsey is one of the most well-known figures in the USA that talks about personal finance. His advice can be suitable and helpful to both beginner and seasoned investors. Learn more about personal finance, how to save, pay back debt, how much to invest in his podcast.

Smart Passive Income
Investing is a way to provide additional income or build wealth. In his podcast “Smart Passive Income” Pat Flynn interviews entertaining guests and talks with them about how to build passive income, be it through side hustles, turning your passion into your profession or starting a (small) company.

How to Money
If you want to invest into P2P, then you will need disposable income. In “How to Money” the two hosts focus on tips on how to save and generally handle your way around money. It specifically targets Millennials, but it’s worth a listen for everyone interested in developing their finance skills. New episodes air weekly and are about 30 minutes long.

Top 3 movies and videos for P2P investors

Let’s not forget our most potent sense: Seeing. Visually conveying information by showing instead of just telling can make a big difference in how the information is perceived and stored in the memory. That’s why movies and videos can be helpful in tackling just another sense that may be more beneficial in your information processing. And also, they are fun!

What is P2P Lending? Peer-to-Peer Lending Explained
In this YouTube video, Jakub from P2P Empire covers in detail everything you need to know about P2P lending. He answers questions such as “What is a P2P platform?”, “What is a loan originator?” and “What is a P2P marketplace?”. If you want to get a big picture understanding of the market, go take a look at this video.

The Big Short
The Big Short is a movie about the financial crisis in 2008 and how four groups of investors saw a chance in betting against the real estate market. The movie portrays how easy it is to fall prey to the belief of markets always going up without any downturns, and that even seasoned investors are immune to bad decisions. If the movie teaches you one thing, then it’s to always do your due diligence.

Rogue Trader
This movie from 1999 tells the story of a trader who got in over his head. What makes this movie so appealing, is that it’s based on a true story, and while the sums he plays with are unimaginable to most people, the fundamentals of having proper risk management and financial oversight are applicable even in a smaller frame. 


We hope that in this list you will find something that piques your interest. Whether that’s a new book to pick up, a podcast to listen to or even a movie to indulge in. Pick one that you find interesting and learn something new about finance as a whole and P2P in particular. Thank you for reading. Recommend your favourite books, movies, or podcasts in the comments section! Sharing is caring.

We wish you a happy and successful 2023!

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