Monthly Statistics and Key takeaways (September 2021)
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Monthly Statistics and Key takeaways (September 2021)

Total Loan Volume Originated shows the amount in euros that the loan originators made available to invest on Lendermarket. The graph below shows the cumulative loan volume originated in the last 6 months on the platform.

Lendermarket number of active investors - Sep. 2021

In the graph below we can see the amount of interest income earned by investors since Lendermarket started operations. The graph includes regular interest and delayed interest – interest received by investors when the loan is overdue.

Lendermarket cumulative interest paid to investors - Sep. 2021

Key Takeaways

We have helped our investors earn €213,400 in returns in September. We added 12,700 new loans to the platform last month. This means that our investors funded over €6,460,000 worth of loans last month, which is 33% more than the same time in September 2020.

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