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Loans from Colombia are now available!

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest partner loan originator RapiCredit.

RapiCredit started its operations in Colombia in 2014 and offers consumer loans to banked adults without access to lending. Their purpose is to integrate and bring to the millions of Colombians who do not have access to traditional banking, and who in many cases are served by informal credit, credit solutions that allow them to improve their lives. They believe that the best effect is produced when the players in the ecosystem are integrated to provide solutions to Colombians or complement them, bringing about the financial inclusion required for social development, and that Colombia is the platform to make the leap to the Latin American region.

Rapicredit promotes Financial Inclusion; making a positive impact on the lives of their clients.

  • Rapicredit has a 0 carbon footprint issued by Almavest which is a social and environmental impact investment bank.
  • During 2023 Rapicredit will do transactions including collections and origination for approximately US 1 thousand billion,
  • these resources have been retrieved from the informal economy and will be computed for taxes.
  • Bancarisation, For clients with good payment behaviour, Rapicredit does a positive report in Credit Bureaus which helps
  • clients access the traditional financial system, approximately 35% of our current clients have gotten access to traditional
  • bank loans after the journey with Rapicredit.
  • Access: Easy access to the product through the phone, 100% Digital product.
  • 0 Discrimination: The decision model for Rapicredit is based mainly on the payment capacity.
  • Program for inclusive capitalism of the government initiative BICENTENARY GROUP
  • To contribute with the latest technology to financial inclusion on a rural and city basis.

Why should you invest in Rapicredit?

Social Impact

Rapicredit wants to procure financial inclusion by providing loans of low amounts (approximately 3000 daily solutions) to sub-banked people When they need it.


EBITDA Margin = 19% Origination monthly growth = between 8% and 10%.


Positive EBITDA and net income since 2019. External resources to keep growing loan origination.

High potential market

Growth potential through product design:  

1. Higher time frames for the loans.

2. Higher amounts

3. Specific destination. (Education, investment, etc…)

RapiCredit finances consumer loans to individuals from COP $200.000 to COP $1.000.000, with interest rates at Lendermarket up to 18% for their mid-term loans up to 180 days. They offer a buyback guarantee after 60 overdue days.

RapiCredit, which to date has granted more than two million loans, has recently obtained, from strategic funders, quotas for more than US $15 million to be used as working capital, and has forged alliances with important entities in the country. It also expects to expand its operations in Central America and the region in the coming years.

RapiCredit’s detailed presentation and the company’s financials can be found in the Loan Originators section.

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