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Lendermarket is entering a new era with Carles Federico at the helm

Lendermarket has successfully concluded its transitional period

We are pleased to announce that Lendermarket has successfully concluded its transitional period under the interim leadership of Connor Gibney. Throughout this phase, our primary objective was to harmonise Lendermarket’s legal and financial operations with the rigorous European licence requirements mandated by the Central Bank of Ireland. With Connor’s guidance, we have accomplished this pivotal milestone in our journey towards becoming a licensed P2P marketplace, setting a strong foundation that empowers us to now confidently pursue our other strategic objectives.

We bid farewell to Connor Gibney, expressing our greatest gratitude for leading the team during a crucial transitional period. Furthermore, we are glad to now introduce Carles Federico to our investors’ community – Lendermarket’s Chief Executive Officer, starting from September 2023.

A new era for Lendermarket with Carles Federico at the helm

Carles brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organisation. Carles has more than 15 years of experience in managing teams and has exceptional working experience with our biggest lending partner. His in-depth knowledge of the peer-to-peer (P2P) industry and his remarkable ability to foster robust collaborations between P2P marketplaces and lending companies makes him a valuable asset to our team.

Focus for the forthcoming quarter

Carles’s main focus for the forthcoming quarter is to lead strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the performance and reliability of our crowdfunding platform. A key element of this mission is his unwavering dedication to addressing Pending Payments, acknowledging its crucial role in our investors’ success. Carles will personally supervise the streamlining of processes, the improvement of communication with loan originators and the introduction of measures to reduce pending payments. This undertaking underscores his commitment to delivering a secure and fulfilling investment experience for all our stakeholders. 

We are thrilled to chart a course for Lendermarket towards even greater success. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and collaboration – our cherished investor community is indispensable to our progress.

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