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Lendermarket Annual Audited Report 2021

We are glad to share the externally audited Lendermarket Limited Annual Report and Financial Statements for the financial year from 30 December 2020 to 29 December 2021.

Key highlights

In 2021 we grew 280% in terms of platform value and reached €29m by the end of the year, whilst revenues increased 258% to €442k. Our investment offering was spreading throughout the investor community, doubling our user base.

2021 also marked a significant increase in professional capability as our team grew 3x to 10 full-time employees. That allowed us to continue building additional scalable functions in our organization. 

In the document, you can find comprehensive information regarding Lendermarket performance in 2021:

  The Director’s Report.
  The Independent Auditor’s Report.
  All relevant information about the Financial Statements.

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