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Interview with Ramón from DINEO – Lendermarket Stars

Welcome to Lendermarket stars, where we bring you the latest news and the greatest insights from industry enthusiasts and representatives. This time, we had the pleasure of having a discussion with Ramón, the head of Finance at Dineo. Dineo is a loan originator which started to offer investment opportunities to Lendermarket Investors in May 2023. Let’s jump to the interview! If you have a question for Dineo, share it in the comments section!

Hello Ramón, welcome to the Lendermarket Stars series. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what your day looks like at Dineo?  

Hi! It’s a pleasure to be here with you today!

My name is Ramón Carazo, I am the head of finance at Dineo. My background is mostly related to Finance and Business Analyst roles in the finance, hospitality and logistics industries.

My day usually starts with a review of the different Dineo dashboards so we can manage month-to-date figures in terms of profit and cash needs.

Apart from you, who else is leading the business?   

I am lucky to have a high-performance team of professionals next to me, with over 5 years of experience combined in the Key Areas of the business; Risk, Product, Operations and Marketing.

Could you tell us more about Dineo, what was the idea behind founding the platform? What are your vision, mission and values?

Dineo was born with a clear objective: to democratize financial solutions. From Dineo we grant small loans to people who have been ignored by the traditional financial system. Our mission is to provide an alternative financing service, not only with social responsibility but also with due accountability to our investors. 

Our key values are transparency, professionalism and sustainability towards our clients and investors.

In order to solve temporary economic needs, Dineo provides loans within a matter of minutes. How do you manage to stay on top of your risk rate?

As lenders, risk management is one of the keys to our success. We use a best-in-class

combination of algorithms, not just to stay on top of the business’ risk but also to segment our portfolio into risk classes.

What type of investments do you offer at Lendermaket? All loans are covered by a Buyback guarantee, what effect does it have on investors’ risk?

We offer investments in short-term personal loans, and our commitment is very clear, we run a buyback guarantee 60 days from the loan due date.

What is the reason investors should invest in Dineo’s issued loans? What are the benefits of listing your loans on Lendermarket?

We offer an attractive but wise interest rate for the investment, besides that, we have a buyback guarantee which adds to the investor’s portfolio quality.

Dineo operates online and through the Spanish network of cash Converters’ stores. This means that Dineo offers loans which have been issued in its physical stores where its clients are dealing face to-face with the store attendant.

In these types of loans, the probability of paying late is very remote as the seller ensures that the customer can attend to the return of the loan for their own benefit.

What is your take on the latest market trends and future growth opportunities for the consumer lending business in Spain?

Since 2020, we have seen an increase in demand for short-term loans among customer profiles that previously used traditional loan products. Due to the current economic situation, along with the changing habits of consumers, traditional credit providers have been forced to adapt to this change, which is a great business opportunity for our market.

Dineo is associated with the AEMIP, can you explain what this entitles? 

AEMIP is the Spanish Association of short-term loans companies, we work together to strongly develop the Spanish market’s responsible lending practices and the awareness of our role within Spanish society.

Your borrowers are given the opportunity to extend their repayment date, how does that affect the listings on Lendermarket?

At the due date, the borrower can decide to extend the loan term and reschedule the payment of the full loan repayment for an additional 30 days for a maximum of two times. During this rescheduling period, investors will receive accrued interest aligned with the loan extension period. As a result, investors are remunerated for the days in which the borrower extends the payment of the loan without affecting the agreed profitability or risk.

What are Dineo’s plans for the upcoming future?

We are currently working on our main goal for the upcoming future which is to run a wider loan product portfolio such as instalment loans, under the same “alternative lending mindset” which can offer wider finance solutions to our clients.

We know you are an investor yourself, what advice would you give retail investors in 2023?

Take the opportunity! Lendermarket offers a guaranteed investment with an attractive risk prime, so this is a good option for a well-diversified investment portfolio.

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