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Interview with Carles Federico – Lendermarket CEO

Hi Carles, welcome to the Lendermarket Stars series. Having served as the CEO of Lendermarket for the past few months, we are delighted to engage in conversation with you and discover more about your experiences.

What are the main projects you are bringing to the table?

Hello, thank you for having me on the blog. I’m thrilled for people to finally get to know me better and get excited about the future of Lendermaket together. 

In terms of the main projects I’m bringing to the table, my focus is squarely on driving innovation and growth. We’re gearing up to roll out some exciting technology-driven initiatives through a new platform, all aimed at elevating the user experience, streamlining efficiency, and mostly, broadening our offerings. 

In addition, advanced analytics tools will be developed, risk management systems will be strengthened, and potential partnerships will be explored to extend our reach.

What’s the reason that made you join Lendermarket?

The reason I chose to join Lendermarket stems from my belief in the fintech industry’s power to shape the future of finance.

I was ready for new professional challenges and seeing Lendermarket’s commitment to innovation and financial inclusion resonated deeply with me. The company’s vision and the potential to make a meaningful impact in the P2P space captivated my attention. 

The platform has immense potential for growth and development, which is the main reason I decided to embark on this project. I’m certainly eager to contribute to Lendermarket’s success.

A career in fintech is exciting, yet challenging as the industry undergoes many twists and turns. What challenges are you most looking forward to facing in the upcoming months?

Undoubtedly, a career in fintech comes with its share of excitement and challenges. Being so involved in the business takes time away from your personal life, but at the same time, it brings the opportunity to surround yourself with incredible professionals who keep you inspired and motivated to accomplish your mission.

I believe that now is more important than ever to stay on top of your finances, and having the chance to help people do exactly that, is what keeps me focused, as I know I am contributing to making a difference in people’s lives. As I look ahead, I am particularly excited about navigating the industry’s dynamic landscape. We strive to stay on top of regulatory changes, embrace technological advancements, and ensure that Lendermarket’s investors’ interests are put first.

Adapting to market changes while keeping a strong customer-centric approach is one of our main focuses in the coming months.

One of the main focuses of the platform is to welcome new loan originators. Is this still of relevance with the change of management? What value does it bring to Lendermarket’s investors?

The platform’s focus on welcoming new loan originators remains a top priority, even with the change in management. 

With my incorporation, we’re aiming to bring a fresh perspective and strategic approach to attract reputable loan originators. This expansion not only diversifies our loan portfolio but also enriches the investment opportunities for our valued investors, offering them a broader range of choices and potentially higher returns.

What are some of the recent trends in the investment world or P2P investments, that investors should pay attention to? Are you following any of those trends?

In the ever-evolving landscape of investments and P2P lending, there are several notable trends that investors should keep a close eye on in my opinion.

I think that the new regulation will help unify the offering and make the P2P market more trustworthy, changing the future habits of investing and business.

Most experienced investors are willing to take more risk with their investments, nevertheless, retail investors prefer a stable portfolio, which they can acquire with long-term investments, which is one of the reasons we are offering longer-term investments in our platform.

Keeping a close eye on the latest trends and weaving them into our game plan is a must for me. I want Lendermarket to be investors’ go-to platform, offering solutions that match what they’re looking for.

What are the reasons one should choose Lendermarket for their investments?

Investors have many reasons to choose Lendermarket as their investment platform. In addition to our commitment to transparency, we have robust risk management practices, as well as a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate. 

We provide a diverse range of investment opportunities from a carefully selected list of loan originators that offer some of the most competitive returns on the market. We are proud to be partnering with our partners who raise money through P2P, as some companies are still attached to more traditional funding sources leaving retail investors with no access to these types of investments.

I’m genuinely looking forward to leading Lendermarket into a new phase of growth and success.

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