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How Much Lendermarket Investors Earned in 2023?

The lendermarket community of more than 17,000 investors on board, collectively invested more than €387 million in loans and earned €16.6 million interest since day one. Lendermarket offers a diverse range of investment opportunities with great returns for both individual investors and companies. Let’s dive in to see how much Lendermarket investors earn in 2023!

€7.7 million in interest paid out to investors in 2023

Throughout 2023, our investors invested a total of €91.6 million in loans and reaped the rewards, with Lendermarket paying out €7.7 million in interest over the year. Additionally, Lendermarket distributed an impressive amount of nearly €1 million in bonuses to investors partaking in exclusive offers throughout 2023 thus far. Notable that investors earned close to €30,000 in bonuses by inviting friends to join Lendermarket via the referrals program.

Investment opportunities with a 15.65% average annual return

In 2023, Lendermarket investors had access to a diverse range of investment opportunities. With a total of 305 thousand new loans listed during the year, amounting to nearly €127 million in value, investors had ample options to diversify their portfolios and maximise their returns. These loans boasted an average annual return of 15.65%, with the highest offered return reaching an impressive 18% annually.

Lendermarket serves as a gateway for investors to achieve attractive returns by investing in buyback guaranteed loans, as evidenced by the earnings of investors in 2023. We are thrilled to continue offering a well-diversified loan portfolio with exceptional returns to our community in 2024. Invest fresh funds today to maintain access to enticing returns and grow your financial health.

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