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Creditstar Group’s Audited Annual Report 2021

The Creditstar Group is currently the loan originator issuing the highest volume of loans on Lendermarket. When you decide to fund a P2P loan on our platform issued by Creditstar, then you are in a direct relationship with them in regard to receiving your payments for that loan.

For you to gauge the risk and reward investing into Creditstar loans brings with it, looking at the annual report is a good idea. In the following we’ll present some key facts of their audited report, how that ties in with the qualities of Lendermarket and how you can benefit from that. Let’s go!

Lendermarket carefully selects its partners

Creditstar is an international company operating in 8 countries across Europe. Their focus is on issuing private consumer loans ranging from 50 to 10,000 EUR with repayment terms of five days to six years. 

When new loan originators approach Lendermarket, there is a big due diligence process involved. This includes asking for proof for their provided business numbers such as revenue or cash reserves, showing their track record and scrutinizing their loan books. 

Our Buyback Guarantee is essential to our users and us, and hence we need to take the necessary measures to make sure that our partners can also fulfill it.

Depending on the outcome of the background check the factors under which a LO can join are then set, among these:

  • The number of loans issued on the platform
  • Interest rates offered

And of course, it also happens that no partnership happens because the numbers and provided documents are not convincing. Offering you an opportunity to gauge the security of your assets is of the utmost importance to us.

Key facts from Creditstar’s 2021 Annual Report

2021 was an eventful year for Creditstar. August marked their 15-year milestone since issuing their first loan in August 2006, and Creditstar launched new services in many European countries, including Finland and Czech Republic. 

The loan portfolio grew by 25% to 181 million EUR, and revenue by 34% to 48.1 million EUR, compared to 2020. Profits were just shy of 6 million, with 5.83 million EUR. Creditstar also received the status of a Gazelle in Estonia, a prestigious award only high performing companies get that meet the criteria of:

  • 50% growth in profit and turnover over 3 years
  • Job creation
  • Displaying characteristics of a successful company: flexibility, speed and boldness

Another crucial statistic to keep in mind are the reserves. As of December 31st, 2021 Creditstar had cash reserves totaling 5.985 million EUR. All numbers in the report have been verified by the top-tier auditing company KPMG.

Finally Lendermarket issued bonds with a total value of 34.14 million EUR in 2021, bringing new capital into the company that will be used to grow their operations across Europe. You can find the full annual report here.

Let’s close this section with a quote from Creditstar’s CEO Aaro Sosaar:

“I am confident that the growth and evolution we have gone through in 2021 position Creditstar Group as a business to continue growing substantially in the future. We continue to see strong growth opportunities in our current markets and recognise that we have a tremendous opportunity to realise our vision and continue our exciting journey.”

If you’re interested in more up-to-date info you can also take a look at the Q2 interim report published July 27th, 2022. It highlights many exciting developments that happened in the second quarter of the year. View the Q2 Interim Report from Creditstar here.


We are proud to see the development of Creditstar, strengthening their position as a top provider of financial services in Europe. A strong partner for our users. 

Lendermarket does their due diligence when allowing new loan originators to offer their loans on the platform, to create the best possible experience for you and all the other people using the platform daily.

So let’s get the ball rolling and invest into Creditstar’s loans!

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