We are giving away 4,000 in 4 weeks!

We like to think of September as a fresh start. With the summer holidays coming to an end and the start of a new school year, we find it’s the perfect time to get your finances back on track after the sunny months. For this reason, we have created this new campaign, where we will help with your investing habits resolutions and setting yourself up for success for the year to come, by giving the chance to win €500 to 8 of our investors for the rest of the month!

Who can participate?

The prize draw is held among the new and existing users on the platform who make deposits and invest at least €500 during the campaign period. 

💡 The more times you deposit and invest at least €500, the more chances you have to win the prize!

How are winners selected?

There will be four weekly giveaway prize draws amongst qualified participants. So there will be two winners announced each week!

What is the campaign period?

First Prize Draw → 5 September 2022 – 11 September 2022 

Second Prize Draw → 12 September 2022 – 18 September 2022

Third Prize Draw → 19 September 2022 – 25 September 2022

Fourth Prize Draw → 26 September 2022 – 2 October 2022

Please read the campaign terms and conditions here. Provided you have met the eligibility criteria, you will be automatically eligible to win the prize.

Note: deposits made after 4 PM, GMT+1 before a bank holiday or weekends won’t be processed until the next working day. If you have any questions about the campaign or campaign terms, please send us an email at [email protected].